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Source: GNS Science

Last month, GNS Science and Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC) held their first International Online Seminar, “Carbon Neutral Geothermal” to over 203 attendees from 21 countries. The seminar focused on the latest research and business trends in carbon neutral technology and geothermal energy.

Among the speakers, GNS Science’s Dr. Murray McCurdy presented on research directions in geothermal carbon dioxide removal:

PhD Candidate Tsung-Han Yang also presented the latest research from the GNS-led programme “Superhot fluids: The origin and flux of natural greenhouse gases in volcanic areas”:

The cooperation between JOGMEC and GNS dates back to 2015, when JOGMEC and GNS signed a MOU for bilateral cooperation on geothermal energy. Under the MOU, JOGMEC and GNS have been working together through training programs and workshops to promote exchanges of technology of geothermal development.

Learn more about Geothermal Energy as a key to a carbon-neutral future in the video below: