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Source: Rainbow’s End

The first stage of a $1.5 million makeover of the Log Flume ride at Rainbow’s End is ready to open as soon as Auckland moves to the new COVID traffic light system.
The Log Flume is the most popular attraction at New Zealand’s only theme park, enjoyed by all guests, regardless of age or bravery. In May Rainbow’s End initiated work to introduce a cast of larger than life, magical creatures to the ride’s Enchanted Forest. Although the work was paused in August, the move to Alert Level 3 enabled the Park team to return to site and bring the vision to life.
In the last two months more than 20 new creatures have been commissioned and installed in the ride, including an 800 kilo dragon named Tama, a whanau of unicorns and mystical forest creatures.
Due to the COVID restrictions Rainbow’s End has utilised their team’s diverse skillset to bring the magic to life and work remotely with suppliers to complete the project.
“We are very fortunate to have an incredibly talented team of engineers, artists, creative builders and technicians who can literally work magic”, says Karen Crabb, CEO. “That classic number 8 wire mentality encouraged the team to use foraged driftwood for theming structures to overcome supply challenges, native trees and foliage to enhance the characters, engineering expertise to put everything into place and a commitment to team-work that has brought it all to life.”
The launch marks the start of a two year, three stage journey to bring an immersive, exciting, all ages experience to a new generation of Kiwi families.
“It’s clear how important the Log Flume is to our guests. Many tell us about their memories of visiting the Park and riding with their families. Now they are bringing their own little ones back to recreate those special memories. This was a key driver in our decision to keep maintaining and investing in the ride for years to come’’, continues Crabb.
Rainbow’s End opened in 1982 and the Log Flume was launched in 1986. It was the first attraction in New Zealand to provide an immersive, themed experience and now, 35 years later, the 9-minute river journey remains the most popular experience in the Park. The Log Flume is the last of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere and Rainbow’s End remains committed to investing in this beloved feature.
“This year has presented so many challenges to our community and we are thrilled to be able to bring joy and excitement to our guests, just in time for the Christmas season,” says Crabb.
Rainbow’s End is planning to relaunch the Log Flume as soon as Auckland moves to the new traffic light system.