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Adjunct Professor Barbara Burlingame has received a Hallbars award for her contribution on the editoral board of this book.

Adjunct Professor Barbara Burlingame has received a Hallbars award for her contribution on the Scientific Editorial Committee for a new book that won the 2021 Best in the World Sustainability Report Award. Massey also received an award based on her affiliation, as did her PhD student Christopher Vogliano, whose Solomon Island research is featured as a case study.

The annual award was established by the Hallbars Sustainability Research Organization to promote the creation and distribution of sustainability reports.

The recently launched publication, Indigenous Peoples’ food systems: Insights on sustainability and resilience from the front line of climate change, was led by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). The book profiles eight Indigenous peoples’ food systems in the Amazon, Sahel, Himalayas, Pacific Islands and the Arctic, documenting their food generation capacity in a sustainable and resilient way while conserving biodiversity in the ecosystems. The book is the third in a series initiated by Adjunct Professor Burlingame when she was Chief of Nutrition at FAO. You can read the first two books here and here.She says the award recognises the centrality of indigenous peoples´ food systems in preserving biodiversity.

“The importance of this award is the recognition, awareness and appreciation of traditional food systems of Indigenous peoples. It is not simply an appreciation of culture, but an acknowledgement of the legitimacy of Indigenous knowledge as valid science for providing inputs into policies, programmes and actions for sustainable food systems.” 

Find out more about Massey’s commitment to sustainability here.

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