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Source: Health Quality and Safety Commission

Help shape the future health system: new consumer health forum launched

30 Sep 2021 | Partners in Care

The Health Quality & Safety Commission (the Commission) has launched the consumer health forum Aotearoa (the forum) and is now calling for consumers of health services and their whānau to join here.

The forum will support the health system to tap into the diverse voices of consumers and communities to ensure consumer and whānau voices are prioritised at all levels of service set up and delivery. This will strengthen consumer and whānau engagement in our current and future health system.

Part of the vision for our future health system, as signalled by the Health and Disability System Review, is to deliver a people and whānau centred system. This is based on the voices of Māori, Pacific, disabled, rainbow communities, older people, and all other users of health services.

The Commission has long championed the involvement of consumers and whānau at all levels of health. Whether it is in governance, planning, or service-delivery, we believe people want a health system that is responsive to the people it serves.

The benefits of joining include:

  • Providing input to providers and health system entities at all different levels of the health service
  • Connecting with other consumers and whānau and share information and ideas
  • Receiving regular updates on health and disability services
  • Being part of decision-making in setting the agenda for planned face-to-face consumer and whānau gatherings

The consumer health forum will be more than online information and will only be successful if there is wide engagement from the start. Events are planned with each forum focusing on different topic areas and will include regular news and updates.

Emphasis will be placed on:

  • Improving experience for consumers and whānau
  • Embedding and enacting Te Tiriti o Waitangi, supporting mana Motuhake
  • Achieving health equity
  • Strengthening systems for high-quality services

This voluntary forum is part of the Commission’s Partners in Care programme, which champions a co-design approach to healthcare. An exciting opportunity to be at the forefront of a co-designed health system, you will also get the opportunity to connect with others interested in influencing the health system.

To help the health system work better for consumers and whānau, find out more here.

Last updated 30/09/2021