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Source: Electric Kiwi

Electric Kiwi have launched a new residential electricity plan, MoveMaster. The plan aims to get customers moving more power to off-peak times, giving them an opportunity to make a positive environmental impact and save money.

At the same time, they’ve launched a market-leading solar buy back rate of 12.5c/kWh.

The MoveMaster plan encourages customers to move when they use their power by offering cheaper prices for off-peak power and half-price power overnight (11pm – 7am). The bonus? Off-peak generation is both cheaper and more likely to use renewable sources.

Electric Kiwi CEO Luke Blincoe says it’s about empowering customers to make an impact.

“Using electricity during peak times tends to cost more, both in dollar terms but also in terms of carbon emissions; so why not give customers the power to take control and reduce their carbon impact and their costs? It’s better for them and better for the environment too.”

Electric Kiwi say that simple changes can make a huge difference.

“Switch when you do your washing and you are on your way to becoming a MoveMaster,” Blincoe says.

So why does off-peak power tend to be cheaper and more environmentally friendly?

During peak periods, non-renewable energy sources (such as coal and gas) are more likely to be used to meet the higher demand. Fossil fuels cost more than the rainfall our hydro plants run on, so electricity tends to be more expensive when those fuels are burning.  

“The great news for Kiwis is that renewable energy is not only cleaner, it’s also cheaper to generate,” Blincoe says.

The MoveMaster plan has different rates at different times:

Peak: 7am – 9am and 5pm – 9pm
Off-peak shoulder: 9am – 5pm and 9pm – 11pm
Off-peak night: 11pm – 7am.

Electric Kiwi say the goal is to align incentives between customers, the electricity network and carbon-conscious Kiwis.

“Not only is off-peak power cheaper on the MoveMaster Plan, but customers moving power off-peak will reduce the infrastructure investment we need long term. Lines networks build capacity for the peaks, and lower peaks will mean fewer infrastructure costs. In the end, this should result in reduced costs for all Kiwis.”

MoveMaster has half-price power at night (11pm – 7am), and due to this it could be very attractive for Kiwis with electric vehicles.

Electric Kiwi have considered carbon off-sets for the plan but decided customer empowerment was more meaningful.

“The truth is, planting a tree somewhere to offset your carbon is great if you have no other option, but if we change our behaviour the impact can be avoided in the first place, which we believe is better,” Blincoe says.

Electric Kiwi already have the ‘Hour of Power’ encouraging off-peak usage. With this, all Electric Kiwi customers get an hour of free off-peak power every day.

Electric Kiwi have also moved to add a solar buy back rate of 8c/kWh to all their plans and on the MoveMaster plan, this is boosted to 12.5c/kWh.

“New Zealanders are actively looking for a better deal from their power providers, which is why we guarantee that our customers will save in their first year. Now with MoveMaster our customers are encouraged to help the environment too.”

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