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Source: Auckland Council

After centuries of speculation, scholars are finally forming an understanding of Stonehenge thanks to archaeological excavations and advances in scientific techniques.

Evidence from Stonehenge itself along with remains from the surrounding landscape shed light on the people who constructed one of the world’s most famous monuments.

Now, after almost 20 years of excavations at Stonehenge and at the source of its bluestone in Wales, archaeologists finally have some answers.

Secrets of Stonehenge highlights more than 400 ancient artifacts and the latest cutting-edge scientific research to answer questions about this iconic, mysterious World Heritage Site. 

This exhibition follows the development of Stonehenge as a special place in the landscape and explains the origins of the enigmatic monument while illuminating the lives of the people who constructed. Explore where, when, why, and perhaps most intriguingly, how Stonehenge was built.

Visitors will leave the exhibition with new revelations into what Stonehenge meant to the people who built it and what it means to the world today. 

Explore Stonehenge’s story – one of change and evolution – through hundreds of artifacts and modern science. Immerse yourself in the science and the spirit of place that is Stonehenge!

This exhibition is produced by MuseumsPartner in Austria in collaboration with English Heritage, The National Trust, The Salisbury Museum and Wiltshire Museum.

The Secrets of Stonehenge comes exclusively to Auckland Museum and opens on Friday 3 December. Tickets will go on sale in November 2021 from

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