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Source: Auckland Council

More than $1million in funding has been put forward for local transport projects in the Manurewa area.

The funding comes from Manurewa Local Board’s Transport Capital Fund, with priority identified for Auckland Transport, which delivers the projects, in three significant areas.

The board has asked that $728,000 be committed to upgrading Te Mahia station, $390,000 be allocated for a Great South Road pedestrian crossing, and $10,000 for real time display signage.

Board chair Joseph Allan says the fund will allow the board to complete the work at Te Mahia, improve public transport options and provide better safety for pedestrians.

“In 2018 the board bought land between Te Mahia station and Great South Road to improve access and increase patronage for residents of the area that’s growing near the station.

“We now have a project manager, and scoping work has been done that will allow us to progress through investigation and design. All going well we could see earthworks starting towards the end of next year.”

The Great South Road crossing is proposed for a site that would give access to the Nanaskar Sikh Temple and a bus stop in the area.

Board member Ken Penney says there was an unprecedent amount of feedback during Manurewa Local Board Plan consultation for improved pedestrian safety around the temple.

“It can be difficult to cross safely because of the distance between the lights at Browns and Hill roads, which regulate traffic on Great South Road, and we also need to consider that many pedestrians in the area are older.”

The signage would be placed at Southmall so passengers can make their bus or train in a timely manner, and to inform people the nearby Manurewa station can be accessed through the mall.