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Source: Auckland Council

Need help?

If you have been affected by flooding and need advice, support or assistance, please phone 0800 22 22 00. 

Our two Civil Defence Centres in Henderson (6 Henderson Valley Road) and the Kumeu Community Centre closed at 12pm on Friday 3 September but our council contractors, response teams and building assessment teams are still in the area and you can phone us for help and assistance, including accommodation and welfare needs, on 0800 22 22 00.

Rapid Building Assessments underway

Auckland Council building officials and compliance officers are on the ground in west and north-west Auckland, inspecting buildings potentially affected by the flood – all under strict COVID-19 protocols.

A Designation of Area has now been approved by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) meaning the Rapid Building Assessments can get underway.

The scale of damage will become clearer in the coming days, with buildings that have suffered significant damage receiving a red or yellow placard, determining whether inhabitants can return. We’ve put information about the building assessment programme and designation up on and our building assessment teams can talk you through it in more detail.

Staying safe during the clean-up

We have heard reports that large groups of people are gathering to help with the clean-up. This is very tempting in close-knit communities, with people acting with the best of intentions, but COVID-19 Alert Level 4 restrictions still apply.

We ask you that you only get the help you need, reduce contact with those outside of our bubble, wear a mask and keep an accurate record of who you have been with.

Alert Level 4 safe bubble advice

If you have had to burst your bubble, here are some of the ways you can stay safe under Alert Level 4 requirements.

  • Wear a mask or a face-covering
  • Maintain physical distance if you can
  • Keep track of where you have been and with who, including dates and times.
  • Continue being vigilant for the signs of COVID-19. If you experience any symptoms, immediately self-isolate and call Healthline on 0800 358 5453 for advice on getting tested.
  • Continue maintaining good hygiene practices including coughing and sneezing into your elbow and washing your hands regularly.
  • Get vaccinated as soon as you can.
  • Keep monitoring the Ministry of Health’s Locations of Interest page.

Storm clean-up assistance

Here’s some useful information on waste disposal following the flood. We’ll update you on more services as they are confirmed. 

Storm debris and green waste
  • Public land: report storm debris or fallen trees and vegetation on public land to Auckland Council on 0800 22 22 00 or on our website via our ‘Report a problem’ tool.
  • Streams and waterways: for significant blockages or debris (including vehicles) in streams and waterways, please phone 0800 22 22 00.
  • Private land: storm debris on private land as result of the storm event can be taken to the Waitakere Transfer Station.
  • Phone ahead – the transfer station is closed at Alert Level 4 so phone us on 0800 22 22 00 to confirm your visit.
  • You will need to provide your name, address and vehicle registration to make the process easy at the gate and adhere to the Alert Level 4 rules, including wearing a face-covering, scanning in and keeping a physical distance, and wear closed shoes.
  • There is no cost for the disposal of storm debris.
Building waste
  • Contact your insurer first: confirm the process for disposing of building-related debris, including soft furnishings and damaged household items with your insurance company in the first instance.
  • You can find more information and advice on the Insurance Council website.
  • For property owners that need access to the transfer station to dispose of building-related waste, please contact the council on 0800 22 22 00 – it is not open to the public in Alert Level 4.
  • This material can be disposed of at the owner’s own cost. Storm debris can be disposed of free of charge.
  • Waste companies in the area can offer skip bins for flood damaged material at the owner’s own cost.

If you don’t have insurance or a way of getting to the transfer station, call us on 0800 22 22 00 and we’ll see what we can do to help.

Please don’t dispose of waste by illegal dumping. You can report illegal dumping to the council on our main number, 09 301 0101.

Clean-up considerations
  • What parts of the clean-up are urgent? Can non-essential work wait until we move down alert levels?
  • Under Alert Level 4 plumbers, electricians, locksmiths and other tradespeople can carry out work to address any immediate risks to health and safety.
  • They can also work to make urgent repairs on your homes so long as they follow public health measures including contact tracing and wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).