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Source: Association of Salaried Medical Specialists – Press Release/Statement:

Headline: Doctors Speak Up for Vaccination

ASMS supports an open letter written on behalf of doctors who want to present a united and evidence-based voice to the people of Aotearoa New Zealand in support of vaccination against Covid-19 for all eligible New Zealanders. If you want to sign up please go here.

The letter has been written by the group Doctors of Aotearoa New Zealand. It is made up of a wide range of doctors including public health physicians, GPs, ICU physicians, urgent care, respiratory and infectious disease physicians, paediatricians, emergency specialists, obstetricians, gynaecologists, surgeons and more.
To sign the letter, please click here
You will need to provide your name, MCNZ number, qualification and specialty. That way each signature can be verified to ensure the legitimacy of the letter.
There is an associated FAQ document that you can view on the survey link if you need to.
The letter has been reviewed by public health physicians. The FAQs have been reviewed by public health physicians and IMAC.
Both documents have gone through several layers of review and scrutiny.
This is a group effort from the entire medical community of Aotearoa New Zealand to support vaccination against COVID-19.
Please also share the letter with your colleagues and feel free to post on social media.
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