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Source: Auckland Council

Your kids might never have seen dad pretend to be the Skytower or mum dance in the park, but now’s your chance to get active outdoors with your kids.

Head to your local park and get amongst some games from your childhood or have a bubble scavenger hunt. You’ll make life-long memories.

  1. Try a photography scavenger hunt– before setting out from home create a list of ten things to be found and photographed in your local park. Then work together as a bubble to find and photograph those things. If you have multiple phones in your bubble, make it a competition to see who can tick off everything on the list, or set a time limit and watch the flurry of fun.
  2. Relive your childhood games– we all have memories of rolling down a slope, playing statues (sometimes called red light, green light), hopscotch, or Simon says. These games and others are timeless and are still played by kids today. Why not get your bubble together to play a range of these games at the park. Endless amounts of fun for young and old alike.

    With hopscotch, make sure you take some chalk with you to draw the hopscotch grid. The beauty of this is when you are finished, the grid remains, and others can enjoy playing too. After all, who hasn’t come across a hopscotch grid on a walk and hopped through it like nobody’s looking!

  3. An indoor or outdoor dance-off– challenge everyone in your bubble to a dance-off. Grab your phone, a portable speaker, and head to your garden ,local park or even your living room for a dance challenge that is fun and won’t be forgotten in a hurry. To add a bit of variety, make the dance-off a freeze dance, so when the music is turned off everyone freezes.
  4. Want a bit more of challenge for the family? The Lockdown Challenge 2021 edition – Weve got lockdown get active challenges for families to enjoy. With over 80 different ‘missions’ to complete, there is plenty to help keep the whole family active, safe and busy in your bubbles. Take your phones and snap photos or short videos to submit and earn points. Challenge other family bubbles you know to see who can complete the most missions.

    Download the Goosechase app from your favourite app store, sign up (or play as a guest), then search for ‘WeGotThisNZ 2021, or enter the code 1G945J to join in the fun with others across the Tāmaki Makaurau region. There are even some spot prizes on offer this time, so don’t miss out.

  1. And for children whose families live in the city centre, here are some fun things to do in your neighbourhood. Please note that some of these activities may not be available during Level 4, like the basketball hoop at Silo Park, but many of them will be available. Explore some options here: Where do the children play?

Stick to your bubble

Remember, under Alert Level 4 you must only make physical contact with those in your household bubble and you are encouraged to wear a face covering when leaving your home, especially if it is hard to keep 2 metres physical distance from others.

Visit for more information on what Alert Level 4 means for you.