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Massive Company presents Half of the Sky, a heart-warming and tender tale of three sisters. Written by BAFTA award winning actor and playwright Lennie James and featuring a stunningly talented cast, Half of the Sky promises to move, charm and delight audiences.

The Rose sisters journey home for a weekend of birthday celebrations beside their awa. Ny, Rua and Rika find themselves caught in a whirlwind of realisations, as incomplete truths become whole, and the ties that bind their whānau together are tested.

A weekend of pitching tents riverside, sharing snacks, hilarious dancing and reminiscing becomes embroiled with lies, loss, and old and new love as the sisters face the inescapable truths of the past and work out what is most important to them.

Half of the Sky is Massive Company at its best, bringing to the stage work that hits you in the heart and leaves you better for it.

Please note: This performance discusses death, grief, and abandonment, and contains strong language which may offend.

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