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For Artweek 2021, Art Club and Parnell Business Association are presenting a unique workshop series held at the beautiful Holy Trinity Cathedral in Parnell.

These workshops explore various art-making techniques in a step by step process, with room for you to experiment and explore your own style.

We approach art-making as a multi-sensory experience, taking inspiration from light, sound and the environment around us.

We delve into exercises such as sketching to music, blind drawing and shadow tracing, then use these drawings to inspire a final drawing or painting.

There will be live performed acoustics from a violinist and cellist, creating a full immersive experience.

The Holy Trinity Cathedral has a rich history of art and architecture. The foundation stone for the Cathedral was laid over in 1957, and since then the cathedral has been added too and influenced by a range of different cultures over the past 50 years.

The space has become a merging of influences, time, cultures and stories, making the cathedral so unique. We are excited to explore our own art practice within these walls.

Art-making is not limited by what you see. It’s about capturing the essence of an experience. These workshops have a relaxing and therapeutic style, suitable for any level. You take home the artwork that you create.

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