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Source: Auckland Council

The artists in this group, while working in different styles, have in common their love of cold wax medium and the unique effects this medium renders. 

Despite its ancient origins and a strong following amongst successful artists across the world, cold wax is a little known medium. It is different to encaustic, which is better known. 

Each of the artists in this group present distinctive abstract styles but all achieve works with beautiful textures, a wide range of mark making and rich history. 

This is done through layering not easily achieved through other media. 

All the artists work with non-traditional tools to attain their final results. Simultaneous ambiguity and boldness reveal individual inquiries into nature, the physical environment and personal journeys of loss, migration, adaptation and core beliefs.

Seascapes, organic geometry, landscapes as well as the hidden or quirky, are all abstracted in colourful explorations that will intrigue the viewer, allowing a space of curious wonder.

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