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Source: SAFE For Animals

Angela Turnwald, the greyhound racing trainer who was fined and disqualified for four months earlier this year following a doping scandal, has now had that disqualification extended to 18 months.
Turnwald’s dog Zipping Sarah tested positive for methamphetamine at a race in November last year in Christchurch. After the initial sentencing in April, the Racing Integrity Unit appealed the sentence seeking a greater punishment.
SAFE spokesperson Will Appelbe said it’s a bittersweet result.
“The greyhound racing industry only drug tests 7% of the dogs that are raced, so this could just be the tip of the iceberg,” said Appelbe.
“We’ve just had another doping case last week, which brings us to four confirmed cases in the last 12 months. We have no idea how many dogs are racing with drugs in their system.”
“When dogs are being drugged and killed for a gambling sport, it’s no surprise that the public has little trust in this industry.”
So far over 33,000 people have signed the petition to ban greyhound racing. The petition was launched by the Greyhound Protection League New Zealand in partnership with SAFE and Grey2K USA Worldwide.
Here in Aotearoa, Racing Minister Grant Robertson announced an independent review of greyhound racing in April. Since the announcement, five dogs have been killed and 243 injured.
“This needs to end now. Dog racing must be immediately suspended until the review is complete.”
SAFE is New Zealand’s leading animal rights organisation.
We’re creating a future that ensures the rights of animals are respected. Our core work empowers society to make kinder choices for ourselves, animals and our planet.
The following greyhounds have been killed since the announcement of the greyhound racing review on 16 April:
– Paris End – Auckland 23 May
– Choo Choo – Auckland 30 May
– Belfast Demo – Christchurch 22 June
– Federal Fear – Palmerston North 5 July
– Big Time Frosty – Whanganui 9 July
– In April, the Government announced a review of the greyhound racing industry, following reports from SAFE, the Greyhound Protection League and Grey2K USA Worldwide of ongoing cruelty within the industry. In the announcement, the Minister for Racing Hon Grant Robertson said he was not satisfied the industry was improving animal welfare, and that Greyhound Racing New Zealand had failed to provide sufficient information on changes they are making.
– The Greyhound Protection League is running a petition which asks Parliament to pass legislation to ban greyhound racing and to require all dogs that have been bred for racing be rehomed and rehabilitated.
– Greyhound racing is legal in only seven countries. A ban in the Australian Capital Territory came into force in April 2018, followed by a ban in Florida, USA, in November 2018. Since Florida is home to 11 of the USA’s 17 active dog tracks, this is a signal that greyhound racing will soon become a thing of the past in the United States.