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Source: Auckland Council

Pool users are diving into improved facilities at Glenfield following a major maintenance project funded by Kaipātiki Local Board.

Earlier this year the board gave the greenlight to bring forward planned capital works, when it became aware acoustic ceiling tiles at the busy centre need to be assessed and replaced.

“Basically some of the acoustic tiles over the main and dive pools were coming loose and needed to be secured, which required temporary shut down so with the board’s support we took the opportunity to carried out other works,” says Christopher Panayiotou, Principal Aquatic Facilities Specialist.

These included:

  • Replacing both spring diving boards
  • Concrete reinforcement of the dive platform
  • Fire sprinklers above main pool and wet changing areas replaced
  • New concrete on the bleacher seating to reduce further deterioration
  • Acoustic tiles in main and dive pools secured
  • Building a new catwalk to provide access to the pool ceiling to change lights
  • Roof refurbishment.

A concrete pillar of one of hydro slides to prevent further steel corrosion was also renewed.

That work is now complete although there are still a few items complete including installing acoustic tiles over the small pool.

“We are also planning to include a device to create bubbles in the diving pool and installing, which will enhance the facilities for divers,” Christopher says.

Investing in quality facilities

Local board chair John Gillon is pleased the bulk of the work is done, which had been delayed due to Covid lockdown.

“Glenfield is the busiest in the council network on the shore and in the top five across the region so it is important it is in the best shape it can be and of a standard our community expects.

“I know families will be happy to have the slides reopened – especially as we get ready to go in to school holidays.”

Deputy chairperson, Danielle Grant says as well as improving existing facilities, being able to add new ones such as the bubbles for the diving pool is also exciting.     

“That will make a big difference for divers.

The device effectively creates rising bubbles that softens the landing for divers as they enter the water, reducing the risk of injury.

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Stoked to dive back in

One group delighted to be back in the water is Auckland Diving which has bases at Glenfield pool and West Wave in Henderson.

Glenfield pool is home to one of only two facilities in Auckland that are appropriate for springboard and platform diver training.

Club members, family friends and the local community came together to break in the new one metre and three metre diving boards at Glenfield when they reopened earlier this year.

“We thought it was a great way to celebrate the new boards. The staff at Glenfield Pool and Leisure Centre were brilliant at helping us to organise the event and supporting us on the day, and we could see they were also enjoying watching the fun being had,” said Auckland Diving’s head coach, Steve Gladding,

Have a go

Diving is a fun, dynamic and unique sport which helps develop agility, strength, co-ordination and deep-water confidence.

If you are interested in finding out more about diving or possibly taking up the sport, there are classes available at Glenfield go to for information and contact details or just ask the team at the centre.