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Source: Save The Children

Dear Sir/Madam,

Save the Children invites your submission to tender to provide goods/services in accordance with the conditions detailed in the attached documents. Save the Children intends pre-qualified consultants and consultancy firms that can be drawn from for assessments, baselines, mid-terms, and end line studies, and evaluations for a duration ofTwo Years.

We include the following information for your review:

  • Part 1: Tender Information
  • Part 2: Conditions of Tendering
  • Part 3: Terms and Conditions of Purchase (which will be signed by the successful Bidder)
  • Part 4: Save the Children’s Child Safeguarding Policy
  • Part 5: Save the Children’s Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy
  • Part 6: Save the Children’s Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery Policy
  • Part 7:  Save the Children’s Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Policy (PSEA)
  • Part 8: The IAPG Code of Conduct


Deadline for Submission (electronic copy) : 17 :00 on 23rd July 2021.Your response to the call for tender may be received in the following formats :

Electronic Submission

  • Electronic submissions are allowed. Only send to this email:
  • Email subject must use this Format: RFP/ ABJ/2021/002 from “Name of Supplier”
  • If attaching multiple or heavy files, please break up the attachments into multiple batches of less than 10MB per attachment.  If sending more than one email, please still retain the email subject with an additional qualifier; E.g. RFP/ ABJ/2021/002 from “Name of Supplier” Batch 1


Any offer that is submitted after the deadline period may be rejected. Save the Children is not obliged to award the contract or even to grant it at least.

Should you require further information or clarification on the tender requirements, please contact following address:

We look forward to receiving a tender from you and thank you for your interest in our account.

Yours faithfully,

 Procurement Team                                                     




Opening date: 1 July 2021

Closing date: 23 July 2021