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MOTAT’s amped to be bringing you a new School Holiday Experience in July packed with mind-boggling science sure wow and inspire.

Hot on the heels of the opening of our latest exhibition, ‘Love / Science: Experience the stories behind the technology’, ‘Wow Science’ aims to introduce tamariki to important scientific concepts.

From generative design and technology to medicine and the human body, this holiday experience aims to challenge and inspire. Youngsters will be introduced to new concepts with hands-on, investigative learning activities.


The Glamp Site

Can you cram all your creature comforts into a tiny trailer? Construct and customise a paper model caravan, then test your spatial skills with our giant floor puzzle, finding the best layout to fit in all your holiday needs.

Poo, You, and Very Tiny Things

Delve into the science of medicine and the human body, physics, and maths with this fascinating activity that analyses the importance of very small things. Kids are encouraged to dig deep into the microscopic world as they dissect (fake) poo to identify which strange creature it came from from, and use real microscopes to observe the surprising details of everyday items.  

3D Print Lab

This one is for the innovative thinkers and problem solvers in your household. Learn how technology has made it possible to design and refine prototypes with software, significantly reducing the time and resource required to land on a final design. Visit the 3D Print Lab to observe first hand, as computer generated designs become physical objects before your eyes. Young designers will also have the opportunity to show off their own ideas and designs at our self-directed drawing station.   

Paper Plane Zone

Learn about the fundamental physical forces of flight when you construct and test a paper aircraft. Set amongst the aviation collection at MOTAT 2, this fun activity will help youngsters understand the science that makes flight possible.

Normal MOTAT admission entry fees apply. Recommended for ages 5 years and above.

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