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Source: Human Rights Commission

The Human Rights Commission has launched a ground-breaking public inquiry into the Pacific pay gap to examine the causes and contributory factors of the pay gap, conditions of work, promotion, and career advancement of Pacific workers.

What is the Pacific Pay Gap?  

The Pacific Pay Gap is the difference in pay between Pacific workers when compared with the highest paid group in Aotearoa –  Pākehā males.    

In 2019, the gap between the average hourly earnings of a Pacific worker and a New Zealand European worker was 23 per cent.  When gender is taken into account, the gap between European male workers and Pacific female workers is 27 per cent and for Pacific men was 22 per cent. 

The Pacific pay gap (calculated by the Public Service Commission as the difference between average pay for Pacific and non-Pacific employees) in the public service in 2020 was 19.5 per cent. When gender is taken into account, the gap between the average salary of Pākehā men and Pacific women in the public sector is 28 per cent.   

What is the Pacific Pay Gap Inquiry? 

The inquiry will focus on the private sector particularly the Construction, Manufacturing, and Health and Care sectors where there is a high concentration of Pacific workers.  

Through the inquiry, the Commission hopes to recommend solutions to address the persistent pay gap, racial discrimination, and lack of equal employment opportunities that Pacific peoples face.   

How can you get involved?  

The Human Rights Commission wants to hear directly from Pacific communities about the human rights violations they are experiencing concerning pay, work conditions and career progression. 

From 19 July until 30 November you can write to us, email us, tweet at us, send us a video, or attend one of the fono which will be held across the country. Further details will be posted on the website soon.  

For more information, please get in touch with the Pacific Pay Gap Inquiry Project Manager Lisa Meto Fox at [email protected]