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Source: Auckland Council

From today, Auckland Council seeks public feedback on proposed bylaw changes to the Water Supply and Wastewater Network Bylaw 2015.

Administered by Watercare, the bylaw’s purpose is to help protect Auckland’s public water supply and wastewater networks.

Council Regulatory Committee Chair, Councillor Linda Cooper says, “as Auckland’s population grows, water becomes even more precious, which is why the council and Watercare are working hard to build resilience into our supply and infrastructure.

“We want to update and strengthen the bylaw so that we can safeguard our water supply and wastewater network from damage, contamination, misuse and interference, such as illegal connections, which can cause harmful pollution in our streams and on our beaches.”

The updated bylaw clarifies terms, simplifies language, and seeks to further protect Auckland’s water supply and wastewater networks by:

  • clarifying requirements for Watercare consents to connect to or disconnect from the public network and provide for exemptions from water use restrictions;
  • clarifying the definition of waste which may not be discharged into the wastewater network, for example wipes, nappies and sanitary products;
  • further defining rules related to unauthorised taking of water from the network and unauthorised discharges to the wastewater network.

Consultation on proposed bylaw changes runs from Tuesday 8 June until Friday 16 July 2021, after which the views of Aucklanders will be considered by the Bylaw Panel before the amended bylaw is put in place.

For more information, visit to give feedback and to find out where drop in ‘have your say’ events will be held.

Free internet access is available at council libraries or contact us by phoning 09 301 0101.