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Ten years ago, the world was a much different place. The 26-inch wheel was still a thing and dropper posts were few and far between. Oh, how things have changed. The last decade in mountain biking has seen rapid innovation, world-class engineering and much change.

Gloworm Lights have been there throughout this rapid accent – literally along for the ride.
The lovechild of two Kiwi riders, eager to create better MTB lighting solutions, Gloworm lights have grown into an internationally recognized brand. Now, 10 years after they first illuminated trails for riders around the world, Gloworm are launching their second generation of MTB lights the G2.0 range.

The G2.0 range has been engineered to reflect the MTB industry now and into the future. Almost every part of the bike is now interchangeable and malleable to the specific preferences of the rider – two rigs are rarely identical. It is this concept of individualized riding that is at the heart of G2.0.

Gloworm G2.0 – A new generation of MTB lighting

Designed and engineered in New Zealand, and manufactured in Gloworm’s own dedicated assembly facility, the G2.0 range maintains the sleek minimalist aesthetic of the previous generation but with a boatload of powerful improvements.

An OLED display on the power pack lets you know exactly how many hours of lighting you have remaining. You can choose to conserve battery life by turning the light down and the remaining battery time will adjust accordingly, in real-time. Snag-proof USB-C power cables now attach the light to the battery packed and are designed to safely detach in the event of a crash.

When you do need to recharge, the G2.0 range has a fast-charging power pack that charges 3x faster than previous models.

Adjusting your lights mid-ride is as easy as a single press of the TX Bluetooth remote. For further customization, including optics and beam pattern,there is the new Gloworm link mobile app.

The mobile app allows you to individualize light settings for your favourite trails. Additionally, riders can create multiple lighting profiles, and comfortably switch through these as trails and terrain vary. Firmware updates occur automatically, through the app which means your lights are always up to date with the latest innovations in trail lighting.

The G2.0 range is built to suit all kinds of riders. Whether you want to simply pull it out of the box and hit the trail, or tinker with lighting settings for different trails and conditions, the

G2.0 range is a powerful, dynamic lighting solution designed to seamlessly coexist with your bike setup.

Fully waterproof and built to last, Gloworm’s are backed by a two-year warranty and are available in 5 different models, ranging from 2000 to 3600 lumens.

Taking Back the Night

As winter approaches and daylight hours diminish, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your time on the trail. The next generation of Gloworm lights are for the riders to reclaim the night. It is designed to suit all riding styles, trails and preferences. Your gear should never inhibit the flow of your ride. The new generation of Gloworm helps you spend less time worrying about visibility and more time enjoying the trail.

Media Release – May 2021

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