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Source: Critchlow Geospatial

[Wellington]: Critchlow Geospatial has launched SwitchMyFleet, a free-to-air website for fleet operators who are considering switching to electric vans and trucks and could be the catalyst to give New Zealand businesses the confidence to switch to EV fleets and reduce New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions.
Most New Zealand businesses that have a fleet of commercial vehicles know they will switch to low emission electric vehicles at some future time. Compiling realistic and appropriate data to build the business case can be an obstacle that may delay this.
The goal of SwitchMyFleet is to forecast operating costs of commercial EVs using typical travel routes as specified by the users, calculating the energy needed. Importantly, SwitchMyFleet takes into consideration the changing terrain, payloads and speeds throughout the routes to provide assurance that EVs will return to base with comfortable levels of spare battery capacity.
The project was co-funded by New Zealand government in Round 8 of the Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund administered by the Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority (EECA). EECA’s Manager Transport Portfolio, Richard Briggs, says “This free web tool will enable van and truck operators in multi-vehicle fleets to compare combustion engine and electric vehicles for typical routes that they travel. The tool uses geospatial data to calculate the optimal routes and can compare the benefits of different types of vehicles. This means operators in this cash-strapped sector will be able to make vehicle choices across their fleets based on their real-world scenarios, which will save them money and reduce emissions.”
Steve Critchlow, Group Managing Director of Critchlow Geospatial, says “This is a great endorsement of the value that route optimisation can provide to businesses that are looking to improve their fleet’s green credentials. This co-funding has enabled us to deliver credible operating cost forecasts and battery sizing to New Zealand transport businesses.”
SwitchMyFleet is powered by NationalMap, which provides a fully navigable, comprehensive road network for New Zealand.
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