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Source: New Zealand Ministry of Health

There are no new cases of COVID-19 to report in the community in New Zealand today. 

There is one new case to report in recent returnees in managed isolation facilities since the Ministry’s last update yesterday.

Two previously reported cases have now recovered.

The seven-day rolling average of new cases detected at the border is two.

The total number of active cases in New Zealand today is 21. Our total number of confirmed cases is 2,314.

Since 1 January 2021, there have been 64 historical cases, out of a total of 498 cases.

Melbourne outbreak 

New Zealand officials are in close and regular contact with Victorian authorities about their just announced seven-day lockdown. An update on quarantine free travel between Victoria and New Zealand is expected to be released later today.

The number of positive COVID-19 case numbers in Melbourne continues to rise and was at 34 at 1pm (NZ time) according to Health Victoria. The number of locations of interest being announced by Health Victoria is also continuing to rise and there are now 150 exposure sites across Melbourne.

Given the time frames, it is crucial that everyone who has been in the state of Victoria since May 11 keeps checking Victoria Health’s website detailing the locations of interest. There is now a direct link to this website from both the Ministry of Health homepage and the Unite Against COVID-19 homepage.

Anyone who has been at a location of interest at the specified time must immediately self-isolate and call Healthline on 0800 358 5453 for advice on when to get tested.

Anyone in New Zealand who has been in the wider Melbourne area since May 11 who develops symptoms while in New Zealand should also ring Healthline and arrange to get tested.

Anyone who has been in the Whittlesea local government area since May 11 should ring Healthline for advice.

“Given this increased risk, it’s critically important everyone keeps a record of where they’ve been by scanning QR codes or keeping a manual diary of their movements. It can help contact tracers quickly find potential close and casual contacts if there is a positive COVID-19 case here in New Zealand,” says Ministry of Health Director-General Dr Ashley Bloomfield.

“And of course, anyone with COVID-19 symptoms should isolate, be tested and remain isolated until the receive their test results,” he says.

New border case details  

Arrival date 



Positive test day/reason 

Managed isolation/ quarantine location 

May 25



Day 0/routine test


* Travel history still being confirmed.

Testing information 

The total number of tests processed by laboratories to date is 2,121,676.

Laboratories processed 4,990 tests yesterday. The seven-day rolling average is 3,751. 

For all testing locations nationwide visit the Healthpoint website

NZ COVID Tracer 

NZ COVID Tracer now has 2,833,850 registered users. 

Poster scans have reached 275,144,400 and users have created 10,330,503 manual diary entries. 

There have been 556,324 scans in the last 24 hours to midday yesterday.