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Source: Auckland Council

Community organisations in Whau have been boosted to the tune of $45,000 in grants from Whau Local Board.

In total, 18 organisations were awarded a combined $31,000 in grants for projects exclusively in the Whau, ranging from $500 to $3000, and a further 14 were awarded grants between $500 and $1000 as part of the multi-board programme for projects working across several areas.

A range of projects are funded, from celebrations and events such as $3000 for the Avondale Diwali Celebration and $2500 for the New Lynn Lions Christmas Parade, through to funding for equipment such as $2500 for the Auckland Refugee Council to purchase bikes, locks and related equipment and operational costs such as $500 towards Youthline Auckland Charitable Trust.


Whau Local Board Chair Kay Thomas says she is pleased with the varied nature of the funding.

“I’m always really pleased when we get to approve grants for so many different types of organisations and projects. It’s a good reminder that there is lots of good work that goes on right here in our area.

“It also goes to show how diverse our community is, which is a fantastic thing. We are so pleased to be able to help so many groups out.

“Often we see that even a small amount of funding can make a significant difference to a small organisation – which in turn can make a big difference to the lives of many people in our communities.

“So, we are pleased that we are able to provide grants to such a wide spectrum of our community, and help the work that they are doing to enrich lives across Whau.”

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