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Source: New Zealand Government

Housing Minister and Associate Minister of Finance, Megan Woods today visited YMCA Christchurch to mark the near completion of the first stage of the refurbishment of the ‘Hotel Give’ shovel ready project, funded by the COVID-19 response fund.

“Hotel Give” is the only hotel in New Zealand where all the profits go back into the community, and is a fantastic example of the Government’s shovel-ready projects. It is delivering support for a socially sustainable business and accomodation provider, as well as over one hundred jobs for Christchurch,” says Megan Woods.

So far the project, set to reopen in July, has employed 59 FTEs, and is targeting 120 FTEs by project end.

“What makes Hotel Give unique is that all of the profits are re-invested back into YMCA programmes and services, such as youth programmes (the 4C Centre), programmes for adults with special needs and disabilities, and rehabilitation programmes.”

“A key focus of the 4C Centre and many of the YMCA’s other programmes is to help young people upskill and get good jobs. That means, our COVID-19 economic recovery is being supported in multiple ways – the initial employment of tradespeople to build the building, and enabling the YMCA to assist generations of young people to get the skills and confidence they need to contribute to society.”

“When officials visited the site in January this year, 55 contractors said that without this project they would have had to restructure their workforce. The Crown’s $42 million investment will provide value to the community for generations to come,” said Megan Woods.

Supported by the IRG COVID-19 response funding, the scope of the rebranded ‘Hotel Give’ refurbishment is extensive. Improvements have included the building being brought up to over 90% of code, and includes re-plumbing, re-wiring, and double glazing thoughout to improve on environmental and energy efficiencies. It has also had a full aesthetic makeover.  

The YMCA will now move onto stage two which includes the development of a new building on their city site, accessible to all members of the community. All of the YMCA’s city programmes and services will move into this building on completion.