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Hey Yabble is an artificial intelligence-powered super engine, revolutionising the speed and efficiency by which data is transformed into rich insightful knowledge. Comprised of cutting edge AI tools and algorithms, the New Zealand-made market research insights product allows businesses to save hours in data analysis, dramatically improving productivity and allowing them to use their data smarter.

Hey Yabble was announced today at Techweek 2021 by co-founders Kathryn Topp and Rachel O’Shea, whose vast experience in research and marketing include the successful innovative market research digital platform Yabble which launched in 2017 and connects with over 62 million consumers worldwide. The Yabble team used their deep research domain expertise to create this new transformational market research insights product.

CEO of Hey Yabble, Kathryn Topp commented: “Hey Yabble is a “disruptive” market research tool, changing the way we traditionally approach market research. By combining five different technologies and more than 20 years of market research expertise amongst our team, we are extremely proud to have been able to deliver a first-in-class AI powered insights generator that will impact the industry and businesses, both big and small, around the world.”

On average, an expert coder would take approximately 3.3 hours to handle 1000 survey responses. Hey Yabble can process the same data in just 47 seconds and provides a full analysis of the coded data with an insight report of its findings and actionable priorities.

Hey Yabble is currently in the last phase of a closed-group BETA release that includes Sky New Zealand. Sky’s Customer Experience & Insights Manager Jeremy Duffin said: “We’ve been really impressed with the new Hey Yabble tool, it’s incredibly fast and accurate.  In comparing Hey Yabble outputs to those created by our insights team, we were able to confirm the accuracy and speed of analysing complex questions, as well as uncover a couple of emerging trends. Hey Yabble is a strong step change in using AI technology to enhance CX insights and outcomes”

Hey Yabble will launch to businesses from late June, delivering more insights in less time.

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Hey Yabble is part of the Yabble ecosystem and is an AI-powered insight generator led by CEO Kathryn Topp and COO Rachel O’Shea. It takes business queries and uses cutting edge proprietary technology to give sharper, richer, more accurate insights instantaneously. Customers can drill into any open-ended survey question from their Yabble market research surveys, with a global audience of over 62 million consumers and get automated qualitative insights and suggested actions with the click of a button through the user-friendly Hey Yabble platform. Hey Yabble is currently in a closed-group BETA test stage and will launch to business in late June.