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Source: Auckland Council

Puketāpapa Local Board has been working to reduce alcohol harm in our community, in line with the Healthy Puketāpapa Action Plan, and recently succeeded in winning stricter rules for a new off-licence.

The local board opposed the proposal for a new off-licence Super Liquor store on Ellis Avenue, White Swan, and while the licence was granted most of the conditions the local board sought were adopted. 

The local board participated in a hearing as an Objector for the first time, presenting before three District Licensing Commissioners on behalf of the community, and cross-examining the applicant. 

Chair Julie Fairey spoke on behalf of the local board, and due to an issue with the standing of the other objector at the hearing, ended up being the sole objector. 

“It’s clear that local people care deeply about reducing alcohol harm our communities. As a board we want to support our community to have a say in the sale of alcohol as we know its availability is linked to harm,” says Chair Fairey.

“What we learned from putting in an objection and participating in the full process is that very little weight is given to objections if you are not at the hearing, which is very difficult for residents to take part in.”

Conditions the local board was able to win included no sales of single RTDs and no external advertising other than the name of the shop. 

This is the second time the local board has taken part in objecting to an off-licence application. In 2018, the local board supported a community campaign to oppose a new off-licence opening on Mt Albert Road in Three Kings. That application was ultimately withdrawn by the applicant and did not go ahead.

The local board is now monitoring the renewals of off-licences in the area and intends to object to get stricter conditions for other shops where appropriate. 

“We have sent in an objection for Donovan Liquor, which is near the Ellis Ave store but has far looser conditions, and we hope to achieve consistency across both outlets,” says Fairey. 

“We know that a lot of alcohol harm happens from liquor bought at off-licences, consumed in homes and in our parks, and we want to make a difference. This is one way that we can help our community’s concerns to be heard.”

When a business applies for an on-licence, off-licence, or club licence, new or renewed, they are required to publicly notify it.

Once the public notice has been posted online, there is a 15-working-day period to object to the council. Read more about the process on the Auckland Council website.