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Source: Eastern Institute of Technology – Tairāwhiti

2 mins ago

EIT graduate Christian Skrentny has moved to Auckland for work.

German EIT graduate Christian Skrentny has made his dream destination New Zealand his new home.

Christian grew up in Germany. His parents are Polish and Christian always felt as if he had two identities and would have to leave Germany one day.

In 2016, he left high school and was torn between many choices – getting a job, leaving his hometown, travelling, or studying. After being in limbo for some time, he applied to study at a film school in Hamburg but he didn’t have the necessary credits to jump straight on the course. In retrospect, it was a blessing in disguise.

It was winter in Germany when Christian decided to embark on a six-month work and holiday trip to New Zealand. “I fell in love with the country, I just love the weather, nature, and the fact I can visit the most stunning places and have them all to myself.” Eventually Christian settled in Napier.

The idea of starting a career in film making was still floating around in his head. Discovering EIT’s Diploma in Screen Production was a pivotal moment where everything began to fall into place. Before starting his qualification, he went back to Germany for ten months. “I didn’t enjoy it much, Germany is so busy and I felt that I didn’t really fit in anymore.”

Back in Napier, he had to pass an IELTS English test first before he could start with the Diploma.

Throughout his studies, his tutors helped him connect with different film companies in Napier. “I felt so privileged to get many different jobs and fill my CV with valuable and relevant work experience.”

In January, with a Bachelor of Creative Practice (Screen Production) in his pocket, Christian relocated to Auckland. “I love Napier and it feels like home, but there is just more work in Auckland. At the moment my jobs are on a casual contract basis and I’m looking to get permanent work. It’s not a walk in the park but I’m getting there.” Christian spends his free time upgrading his street photography skills and writing scripts for his own short films.

Christian says, “Studying screen production was the perfect choice. The film school in Hamburg that would have covered only the cinematography side of things, camera and lighting. At EIT, I got the whole package of skills, from writing scripts, to sound, camera work and editing, etc. If you want to work as a director it’s important to know all of this.”

Christian says how much he enjoyed his time at EIT, especially the company of his classmates. “They are like a family to me, and I have deep connections with all of them.”