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Source: MIL-OSI Submissions

indicators: Weekly as at 26 April 2021 – Information release

29 April 2021

Key facts

The 6-day series includes jobs with a pay
period equal to or less than 7 days, while the 20-day series covers jobs
with pay periods of 14 days or fewer. The 34-day series includes all jobs
regardless of their pay period.

The 34-day series indicated that for the
latest week, the week ended 21 March 2021:

  • the number of paid jobs (compared with the
    previous week) were:
    • 2,265,540 total paid jobs (up 7,170 or 0.32
    • 105,760 paid jobs in primary industries (up
      400 or 0.38 percent)
    • 428,040 paid jobs in goods-producing industries
      (up 960 or 0.22 percent)
    • 1,673,760 in services industries (up 6,970
      or 0.42 percent)
    • 57,980 in unclassified industries (down 1,160
      or 1.96 percent)
  • the median income (compared with the previous
    week) was:
    • $1,069.20 (down $1.35 or 0.13 percent).

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