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Source: World Wildlife Fund

British actor, environmentalist, and filmmaker Maisie Williams is appointed as the first WWF Global Ambassador for Climate and Nature.

In a powerful announcement video, Maisie highlights how vital 2021 is in the fight against climate change ahead of this year’s critical climate summit, COP26, in Glasgow, Scotland, and as global leaders set ambitious targets to cut emissions which will limit warming and its impacts on people and nature. Maisie encourages people all around the world to unite and join her in using their voices and platforms, no matter how big or small, to talk about the need for climate action and apply pressure on corporations and policy and decision-makers.

Maisie is championing WWF’s global mission to turn around the crisis in climate and nature by 2030, ensuring a future where people and wildlife thrive. This includes pressing world leaders and decision-makers for concrete plans to limit warming to 1.5°C, safeguarding 70% of the world’s coral, securing 4 million km² of critical coastal ecosystems, and ending deforestation while working to restore the world’s forests.

Announced today, ahead of WWF’s 60th anniversary on April 29, 2021, Maisie is encouraging people to support WWF’s work by symbolically adopting a threatened or endangered species.

Commenting on her new ambassadorship, Maisie Williams said:

“I am honored and excited to be working with WWF where together we will give the opportunity for people to learn about critical parts of the natural world that are most at risk, and how we can all personally make a difference and preserve them for future generations. I want to showcase the fight back against climate change, including how we can turn around the crisis in our oceans, which are home to such extraordinary diversity of life and sustain us all.

“Through my history of learning about our sustainable future, I have recognized that climate change is often interpreted as an overwhelming force, but my personal goal is to show people everywhere that each and every one of us plays a vital role in making a difference. From small daily life changes, through to supporting larger campaigns directed at a government level for policy change, we can all join the many incredible activists who are working every day to impact change.”

Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, WWF Global Lead Climate & Energy said: “We are delighted Maisie has agreed to work with WWF as a global ambassador. We need our leaders to take action in this critical year for climate and nature, so having Maisie, who shares our passion for a future where people and nature thrive, working with us and speaking up on these critical issues will be a huge benefit.

“We need to reach millions of people to get them to stand up and demand action from their leaders. I believe that by Maisie joining our mission, we will be able to make a real difference.”

Maisie’s new starring role as a WWF Global Ambassador is of vital importance as we take action to put nature on the path to recovery by 2030. [1]

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[1] WWF’s Living Planet Report 2020 included significant new research, the Bending the curve of terrestrial biodiversity needs an integrated strategy paper, from experts at WWF and more than 40 universities, conservation and intergovernmental organizations. This used sophisticated modelling to prove the decline in nature could be turned around if urgent steps are taken to boost conservation efforts and to transform how we produce and consume food.



More information about Maisie Williams:

Maisie Williams is a British actor, filmmaker, and environmentalist who rose to prominence with her role as Arya Stark in the HBO series GAME OF THRONES, a role that earned her global critical acclaim. For her next role, Maisie will play punk icon Jordan in Danny Boyle-directed TV series ‘Pistols’, about the Sex Pistols.

In addition to her Global Ambassadorship with WWF, Maisie is vocal in creating sustainable change in the fashion industry and holds the role of Global Sustainability Ambassador with H&M. She recently worked with nature streaming platform WaterBear to advocate for the protection of the world’s oceans and climate. Maisie runs a female-led film production company Rapt and has produced Searching for Chinook, a documentary to fight for the survival of the last 72 Southern resident orcas.

About World Wildlife Fund:

WWF is one of the world’s leading conservation organizations, working for 60 years in nearly 100 countries to help people and nature thrive. With the support of more than 5 million supporters worldwide, WWF is dedicated to delivering science-based solutions to preserve the diversity and abundance of life on Earth, halt the degradation of the environment, and combat the climate crisis. Visit to learn more; follow @WWFNews on Twitter to keep up with the latest conservation news; and sign up for our newsletter and news alerts here.