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Te Whanganui-a-Tara – Stats NZ has just released the latest international travel arrivals into Aotearoa which shows overseas visitor arrivals were down by 367,400 to 5300 in February, compared to February last year.

The biggest changes were in arrivals from:

  • Australia (down 131,400)
  • United States (down 51,800)
  • United Kingdom (down 37,900)
  • Germany (down 15,900)
  • Canada (down 13,400)
  • Japan (down 12,900)
  • Korea (down 11,000)
  • India (down 7,800)
  • France (down 6,300)
  • Netherlands (down 5,100).

Meanwhile, annual migrant departures exceeded migrant arrivals among non-New Zealand people for the first time since the late 1970s

In February, a provisional net loss of 1400 non-New Zealand citizens and a net gain of 18,900 New Zealand citizens made up an overall net migration gain of 17,400 people.

Historically, New Zealand has had an annual net migration gain of non-New Zealand people and an annual net migration loss of New Zealand people, StatsNZ population indicators manager Tehseen Islam says.