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Elephant Ventures to expand operations to New Zealand creating new hi-tech jobs amid the country’s deepest recession

UNITED STATES – Digital transformation and data engineering company,  Elephant Ventures has today announced it will be expanding its operations to New Zealand, launching its first venture development studio. Elephant Ventures is excited to catalyze innovation and entrepreneurship across New Zealand and to work with government initiatives as part of efforts to reboot the country as it attempts to recover from the economic impact of COVID-19. Elephant Ventures will begin the hiring process immediately for up to 10-20 initial roles in a number of areas such as agile software engineering and product ownership and is seeking founders at all stages of development. Elephant Ventures is a New York-based Digital Innovation and Venture Development Studio specializing in software and data engineering transformation and product development services.

The venture development studio brings a globally distributed team of entrepreneurship and innovation leaders that will focus on New Zealand based early-stage ventures to accelerate development and reduce execution risk. Elephant’s venture studio called ‘The Foundry’ was first devised after American serial entrepreneur and Elephant Ventures founder, Arthur Shectman was named as a Sir Edmund Hillary Fellow in late 2019. The Edmund Hillary Fellowship is an initiative where impact focussed innovators from across the world are selected to help create a positive global impact from New Zealand. Through this latest expansion, Elephant Ventures believes their efforts will help power entrepreneurial job creation across the country and beyond.

According to recent Government statistics, unemployment in New Zealand is at an all-time high at 4.9 percent, with further job losses expected. As a company that partners with their clients to provide innovation as a service,  Elephant Ventures hopes to help curb those figures through the economic impact of new venture and startup ecosystem job creation. Elephant hopes to help establish New Zealand as an attractive base for new and existing founders. With over 31 million entrepreneurs in the US alone, and entrepreneurship providing a viable alternative to full-time employment, Arthur Shectman will use this expansion as a platform to help partner in new products and ventures with local business partners and, in turn, help to reboot New Zealand’s economy.

Commenting on the launch of The Foundry Elephant Ventures founder Arthur Shectman, said:

“Through this new initiative, we aim to help curb rapidly escalating unemployment levels and stimulate innovation in New Zealand’s SME sector through encouraging and advising entrepreneurs on how to grow and accelerate operations amid uncertainty while also providing them experienced venture building teams to co-create with. Through Elephant Ventures’ extensive experience in innovation and growth, we will provide new and existing ventures with on-the-ground assistance and expert advice across the region as they face more unprecedented challenges than ever before.”

About Elephant Ventures

Elephant Ventures are an Innovation as a Service company that helps our clients build software and data solutions to capture new business value. They help their clients dependably go from ideation through traction with their Dependable Innovation methodology that they distilled from 17 years of creating successful Innovations. They achieves this by leveraging data building seamless digital operating models to create new products and transform businesses. Using advanced technology, Elephant Ventures turns ideas into innovations, removing risk, and accelerating the transformation process. They guide clients to success by helping them create a company culture that nurtures innovation and brings a team of engineers, product owners, and experienced designers, empowered by the processes they have designed, to maximize success. Elephant Ventures employs 60+ people, most of whom work remotely. The company which sells innovation as a service is based in New York.