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Source: Save The Children

At least 15 people have reportedly been killed by the security forces on Wednesday March 3, in addition to the 23 people killed since the coup began on February 1st.

In a statement, Save the Children said:
“We are appalled and angered by these fatal shootings of demonstrators by security forces across Myanmar – these are atrocious and represent an unjustifiable escalation in the use of lethal violence. Save the Children particularly condemns the deaths and injuries of children and young people, and calls on the security forces to end these deadly attacks immediately.”

“The brutal scenes of violence and death are reminiscent of a battlefield, with security forces using live ammunition to shoot at unarmed protestors, many of whom are young adults. A significant number of children have been wounded, and children are also suffering from the effects of teargas that is leaking into their homes.

“Save the Children and its partners are providing support to children who have been harmed and their families where possible, through referrals, child protection case management, and psychosocial support. Due to the insecurity and the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, a lot of this work has to be done remotely. Despite our best efforts, we know that many children are not receiving the support they so desperately need right now.”

“For several children, it is unfortunately already too late:

  • On Sunday February 28, a 17-year old boy, was shot in the head and died in Bago.
  • On Tuesday March 2, a 16-year old boy died of a gunshot wound at Taung Twin Gyi, Magway. According to witness reports, he was shot dead by a soldier on a passing convoy of three military trucks, after which the soldiers took his body and drove away.
  • On Wednesday March 3, a 14-year old boy in Myin Gyan was shot dead according to local sources.
  • Also on Wednesday, a 17-year old boy was reportedly killed in Monywa.

“The psychosocial effects on children of the recent violence are alarming. Many more children are suffering from the fear, stress and loss that the violent crackdowns are causing.  Parents are reporting that their children are having nightmares after hearing flashbang grenades and shooting. These long-term effects of this crisis situation must not be underestimated: many children and families will have difficulties in coping with the violence they have witnessed, which may lead children to be traumatized in the longer term.

“We therefore renew our call to immediately cease all violence against children and respect their rights, before even more children are injured.”

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