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Source: Auckland Council

Judith Moffat and Tracey Swanberg from the North Shore Women’s Centre will be speaking about their work at the Women’s Centre and the many positive outcomes they’ve seen.

Judith and Tracey will talk about their years working at women’s refuge, women’s issues regarding discrimination, pay inequities, systemic issues with court processes, and the social impacts of Covid-19 regarding women and children.

Judith Moffat worked for refuge for 20 years and is a domestic violence expert, she is also an expert in women’ s issues.

Judith is working at the women’s centre as a frontline community support worker.

Tracey Swanberg is a registered social worker/QSM, has worked in refuge for 10 years including managing for 8 years, has been manager at the NSWC for 11 years and is also an expert in women’s issues.