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Source: Federated Farmers

The double threat of protracted Covid-19 alert level restrictions and lack of sustained rainfall should be cause for farmers to review their level of supplies, Federated Farmers Dairy Chairperson Wayne Langford says.
“There is a high chance this won’t be the last lockdown we’ll see in coming months. Nor does anyone have a working crystal ball to say when the likes of Northland and East Coast provinces will get regular rain.”
Any further Covid restrictions could put pressure on transport and supply lines.
“Without sounding like telling seasoned farmers how to suck eggs, it is timely for farmers to check available feed levels, to get on with orders for any urgent machinery parts and generally to be prepared for potential disruption,” Wayne said.
Feds Meat and Wool Chair William Beetham agrees.
“We’re not out of the pandemic yet, even with vaccines on the way, and the dry is starting to crisp up paddocks in many districts – though we had a welcome dose of rain in some areas in the last day or two,” William says.
“We may well have some challenging months ahead of us. I’d add that farmers also need to invest in themselves in terms of getting prepared: try and eat properly, get enough sleep and exercise and stay in touch with friends. It always helps talking to someone when times get tough.”