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Source: MIL-OSI Submissions

Source: Fire and Emergency New Zealand

A recent house fire in Pokeno, Waikato is a timely reminder of just how fast fire can spread and the importance of having an escape plan.
Area Manager Geoff Purcell says the fire started from a lawn mower that was still hot from use. The wind blew nearby grass clippings onto the lawnmower which caught fire.
“The fire then quickly spread from the lawnmower to the deck and through the house,” he says.
“This fire shows that fire can get very real, fast,” says Geoff Purcell.
“It can take just three minutes for a fire to become deadly.”
“Luckily in this instance, the occupants were able to get out to safety quickly.”
“You can’t always predict an accidental fire, but you can be prepared in case one does happen.”
“Check your smoke alarms are working. Smoke alarms act as an early warning of fire and give you the best chance of getting out safely.”
“Make sure you and your household have an escape plan so in an emergency you can get out to safety quickly ” says Geoff Purcell.