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Source: Tourism New Zealand

“Tourism is vital to New Zealand’s recovery, and information about what Kiwis are looking for is incredibly valuable for all businesses,” says René de Monchy, Tourism New Zealand Interim Chief Executive. 

“With borders closed, businesses need to deliver the experience Kiwis are looking for to be successful and lay the foundation for the return of international visitors.”

Research shows that the vast majority of New Zealanders support international tourism resuming when it is safe to do so. 

“Aotearoa is known for its warm welcome and this will continue only if we have a system that puts our home and people first. While the vast majority of New Zealanders think it’s important to restart tourism when it’s safe, it’s clear that we need to approach tourism in a different way that truly enriches our home.” 

The research shows the importance of designing a tourism system that contributes more to wellbeing by focusing on longer stays and increased spend. 

“New Zealand has strategically marketed to people to drive a value over volume approach for a number of years but there is more that can be done to support this to ensure the sector focusses on social, cultural and economic development.

“We must work together to create a system that supports economic recovery and provides positive benefits to our communities.” 

The research has been shared with industry to help enrich and expand their domestic offering and as a source on input for the Tourism Futures Taskforce.

View the full research results below and check back for the recorded webinar link later today.