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Source: MIL-OSI Submissions
Source: Reserve Bank of New Zealand

Date: 22 January 2021 – As previously advised, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) recently experienced an illegal breach of a file transfer software application, Accellion FTA. For more detail see Our response to Data Breach page.
We advised on Monday 18 January that publication of some of our statistical releases are on hold while we work through the investigation and response to the breach.
This Stats Alert is to inform you the RBNZ will be postponing publication of most statistical releases. We will provide an updated release calendar when we can, but we expect delays of 3-4 weeks to most publications.
At this stage, statistics impacted by this delay will include:

Bank customer lending (C65 & C66): delayed from 12 January
Credit card balances and spending (C12 & C13): delayed from 26 January
New mortgage commitments – Loan to Valuation Ratios  (C30-C35): delayed from 29 January
Bank Balance Sheet (C5, C50-52, S10-41): delayed from 29 January
Non-bank Lending Institutions (T1,T4, T11, T21, T31): delayed from 29 January
Bank Liquidity  (L1-3): delayed from 5 February
Retail interest rates (B3, B6, B20, B21, B25-27): delayed from 5 February

We expect other publications scheduled for February and March to also be affected, including the December 2020 quarter Bank Financial Strength Dashboard (scheduled for release on 3 March).
The following statistics are unaffected and will be published in line with our release calendar:

Exchanges rates and TWI (B1)
Wholesale interest rates (B2)
Debt securities (D9-35)
Reserve Bank (D3-12; F3-5; R1-3)
Household inflation expectations (M13)
Survey of business expectations (M14)

Delays to publication are necessary because the file transfer software application, Accellion FTA, was used for onboarding data from regulated entities and other suppliers into the RBNZ. The RBNZ will not be collecting data from these entities for statistical production until a new secure file transfer system is implemented. We expect the new system to become available in February.
It is important to note that no data has been lost and no publications will be cancelled. We have advised our data suppliers to prepare survey returns as normal.
We apologise for the inconvenience and will provide regular updates as the breach investigation continues, including an updated publication calendar.