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Source: Auckland Council

Auckland Council has granted Tree Owner Approval for the removal of a single macrocarpa tree at 1817 Great North Road in Avondale. The decision to allow removal of a notable tree that spans both public and private land has not been taken lightly.

Auckland Council Chief Executive Jim Stabback says the council considered every aspect of the development and the tree’s value in making this decision.

“Removing trees, especially notable trees, is not a decision we take lightly or make often. We are lead by a robust tree owner approval process and the principles of our Urban Ngahere Strategy and, using this guidance, have weighed up the benefits and impacts of removing this macrocarpa.

“Importantly, a recent independent assessment of the tree has concluded that it requires significant reduction in canopy and trunk to ensure it remains safe.

“On balance, we believe that removing a potentially unsafe tree – and replacing it, over and above the resource consent conditions, with 21 more mature trees across the development site – and with the development contributing 117 residential units to a community crying out for more housing, this is the right decision,” he says.