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Auckland – Kiwi tech companies Blue Mirror, Jupl and Serentia Healthcare have partnered to protect frontline New Zealand and global healthcare workers while treating covid infected patients.

More than 1700 nurses have died of covid in the northern hemisphere and many more have infected patients and co-workers, Serentia Healthcare founder Sir Ray Avery says.

“What we have learnt is incorrect  use of  Personal Protective equipment (PPE) and poorly fitted  N95 respirator masks are a major cause of  covid infection mortalities in nursing staff.

“But all this is about to change. Blue Mirror uses artificial intelligence (AI) to guide medical staff though the PPE donning and doffing procedures ensuring all medical staff are wearing the correct PPE  while treating  infected patients.

Blue Mirror founder Rommie Nunes says his company is a virtual PPE assistant that uses AI to keep frontline workers safer by ensuring the PPE gowning process is done correctly.

Avery says making sure frontline medical staff wear the correct PPE prior to entering covid red zones will be a lifesaver.

“We also needed a way to test and monitor that the  protective N95 respirator masks maintained a good fit while  treating infected patients and that is where the Jupl – Halo real time fit testing sensor adds a new level of safety.”

Jupl has partnered with AirpOp China – USA which make high performance wearable masks fitted with Halo sensors. They measure the performance of the mask and the users breathing rate and breathing cycles.

Jupl is integrating the Halo sensor into its cloud-based monitoring system to provide the world’s first real time fit testing technology so that medical staff can be alerted if their mask fails to provide a protective seal.

Serentia Healthcare NZ will market these leading-edge medical technologies alongside its own range of consumer covid  protection products including travel packs containing AirpOp pocket masks and hand sanitisers.

“In combination the Serentia products can also help reduce New Zealand’s appalling rate of hospital acquired infections which are the second highest in the developed world costing nearly one hundred million dollars annually,” Sir Ray says.

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