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Impact of COVID-19 on residential building sentiments in Auckland – Media release

4 December 2020

Builders, developers, and owners of home building projects in Auckland said they felt more affected by COVID-19 than those working on non-residential projects and projects outside Auckland, Stats NZ said today.

Just over 3,500 respondents recently answered a series of questions in the quarterly building activity survey. Based on our analysis of the opinions given by respondents about the effect of COVID-19 on building projects (which may not be representative of all building projects), around 6 out of 10 respondents from residential projects in Auckland reported a moderate to severe COVID-19 impact in the September 2020 quarter. This compared with fewer than 5 out of 10 respondents from residential building projects outside Auckland reporting a moderate to severe impact. Nationally, relatively few projects of any kind (fewer than 1 in 20) reported severe impacts in the September 2020 quarter.

“Auckland spent more time at higher alert levels than the rest of New Zealand during the September 2020 quarter, which may partially explain why some of the survey respondents expressed greater perceived impacts of COVID-19,” construction statistics manager Michael Heslop said.

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