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Source: MIL-OSI Submissions

Source: Opinion Compare

The 2nd wave of Opinion Compare’s Brand Reputation Index results sees a new brand take the coveted crown of best Brand Reputation in New Zealand. The Brand Reputation Index measures factors and perceptions around brand love, quality, purpose and longevity to create the leaderboard of the most respected brands identified by the New Zealand population.
After the success of the April 2020 research, new brands were included with the existing 48 brands to determine how each performed with a mix of consistent performers and significant shifts.  (see table attached)
Gavin Male, CEO of Opinion Compare explains “Congratulation firstly to Pic’s Peanut Butter. In other research we’ve conducted, we’ve seen brand affinity but to be placed number one is an achievement. Close behind is Whittakers which will surprise no-one but some of the shifts in the leaderboard are fascinating. NZ Post which directly after lockdown restrictions drew the criticism of the Kiwi public seems to have restored elements of their reputation, I would argue that the latest advertising seems to have paid dividends for 2degrees and maybe after the COVID-19 impact, we’ve done all the DIY projects we need for 2020.”
“This research is much more than just a single leaderboard as it identifies the specific elements that drive a positive reputation and they are the levers and the elements that any brand operating in New Zealand need to be aware of”
About the Brand Reputation Index 
This 2ND wave of research surveyed a representative sample of the New Zealand adult population (n=752) to identify the top New Zealand brands, while subsequent waves of the research will track movement over time. 61 brands were chosen for evaluation in this first wave of research, from a variety of sectors and industries, including products and services. Over 4000 individual brand evaluations were conducted as part of the methodology to create the BRI.