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Source: SAFE NZ

On 22 October, Opawa Lola was killed at Cambridge Raceway in the Waikato. This was followed by Star of Pakistan and Sozin’s Assasin on 2 November, both of whom were killed at Addington Raceway in Christchurch. All three dogs suffered from a fractured radius and ulna and were euthanised as a result of their injuries.
The three deaths occur just as SAFE forms a partnership with Greyhound Protection League (GPL) to support their petition. They’re asking Parliament to pass legislation that bans Greyhound racing and rehome and rehabilitate all dogs that have been bred for racing.
SAFE Campaigns Manager Marianne Macdonald said the most recent deaths are a stark reminder of the racing industry’s cruelty.
“Greyhounds belong on someone’s couch, not the race track,” said Macdonald.
Macdonald said they also want quarterly independent animal welfare audits of the greyhound racing industry while the industry prepares for a ban to come into effect.
“Last year the greyhound racing industry killed nearly dog a day. These dogs are bred and raced for gambling profits, only to be discarded when they’re no longer profitable.”
“It’s unacceptable. We’re calling on all caring Kiwis to sign GPL’s petition so we can end this industry that bets on the lives of animals.”
SAFE is New Zealand’s leading animal rights organisation.
We’re creating a future that ensures the rights of animals are respected. Our core work empowers society to make kinder choices for ourselves, animals and our planet.
– Footage of the race where Star of Pakistan was killed. He is wearing the blue number four jacket and can be seen falling at the seven-second mark.
– Photos of dogs rescued by the Greyhound Protection League.
– The Greyhound Racing New Zealand 2019 annual report illustrates that 293 dogs were euthanised in 2019 due to the industry’s failure to rehome them. A further 54 were euthanised at the track due to critical injuries sustained during racing.
– Greyhound racing is legal in only eight countries. Legislation to ban greyhound racing was passed in 2018 in the Australian Capital Territory and Florida, USA.
– Information about greyhound racing in New Zealand.