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Source: Ministry for the Environment

Dana Peterson, from our waste team has been awarded the Public Service Commissioner’s Commendation for Frontline Excellence for her outstanding spirit of service.  

This award recognised Dana as a highly respected, long-standing champion for the protection of our environment.

Dana has been a public servant since 1984. She is known for her humble manner, bare feet in the office (even in winter) and her free and frank advice on waste minimisation. Dana was instrumental in Govt3, a voluntary initiative to improve the environmental sustainability of government departments from 2003-2009 by minimising waste and adopting sustainable practices. By 2009, the initiative was saving the Government more than four million dollars each year.  

Dana’s most recent achievements were as the lead on advice and public consultation that resulted in a regulated ban on single use plastic bags, which came into force in 2019, and declaration of six priority products for regulated product stewardship in 2020. 

Secretary for the Envionment, Vicky Robertson said Dana epitomises what it means to be a public servant and is a deserving recipient.

“Dana is humble, impartial and trustworthy with a strong commitment to do incredible work every day. There is no task too difficult for Dana and she applies her professionalism and remarkable knowledge – whether she’s leading our consultation on banning plastic bags, or providing frank advice to protect the environment and ensure harmful products are looked after throughout their lifecycle. She is a real asset to our work. Congratulations Dana!”