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Source: BusinessNZ

The BusinessNZ Energy Council (BEC) has released its advice to the incoming Government for the electoral term following next month’s election.
The 2020 ENERGY BRIEFING outlines areas where the energy sector would like to work more closely with the incoming Government and offers recommendations for New Zealand’s energy policy.
BusinessNZ Energy Council recommendations include:
– A long-term whole-of-energy strategy and supporting policies to decarbonise the economy
– Steering NZ’s transport systems, currently primarily run on fossil fuels, towards clean fuel options
– Growing local forms of energy production around NZ
– Driving diversity and security of energy supply
– Improving consumer access to real-time electricity data
– Strengthening regulation to ensure houses are properly insulated and ventilated
– Keeping up with energy efficiency
BEC Executive Director Tina Schirr says the energy sector is balancing the need for survival and recovery.
“As energy leaders and policymakers grapple with the current Covid crisis, New Zealand should be reviewing the implications for the speed and direction of energy transition.
“Energy related projects often stimulate significant investment and can create jobs where there is a sound regulatory environment across the sector.
“We seek to collaboratively and constructively address how rules, incentives and markets can best be harnessed to shape evidence-based policy informed by our BEC scenario modelling.
“Together we can achieve the transition to facilitate greater technological diversity without undermining the energy system we have.”