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Source: Business Central

The Wellington Chamber of Commerce congratulates Wellington City Council on making it to 150 years of operation.
Chamber Chief Executive John Milford said the Chamber and Council have had a long history of working constructively on numerous issues over the years.
“The Wellington Chamber of Commerce, which predates the Council, was a strong advocate for the establishment of the City Council. As the Capital continued to grow the city began to need a more formalised institution for decision making.
“Looking into the archives, we’ve found that the conversations between City Council and Chamber have not changed too much. The big issues of the day in the 1870s was the development of rail lines and the wharf so merchants could transport goods in and out of the port easier. There was also debate concerning how the city would finance such projects, and who should manage the operations and the assets.
“Over the years, it has been strong leadership, consensus building at all levels, as well as modern and innovative thinking that has helped this city overcome its fair share of challenges. As we celebrate we must remember this, as we continue our next phase of development as a city for the next 150 years.”