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Source: EMA

The EMA has today released its 2020 Election Manifesto detailing what it believes the next Government needs to do to create the economic and social conditions for the country’s post-COVID transformation.
EMA’s Head of Advocacy and Strategy Alan McDonald says the current Government’s response to the pandemic has generally been swift and effective, but post October 17 the new Government needs to revisit hastily introduced policies.
“We need a full review of what policies have been put in place to check whether they are fit-for-purpose, and from a business perspective we want to see a comprehensive framework that provides business with the confidence to invest in a sustainable transformation of the economy.”
With borders closed the EMA’s 2020 Election Manifesto focuses on internal factors including employment regulation, access to capital, both domestically and internationally and encouraging enterprise and entrepreneurship.
“There may have to be some trade-offs in ideological positions – for example are we going to make it easier or harder to employ people and what is the effect of higher wage proposals – because in the short term we may not be able to afford both,” says Mr McDonald.
“No one is arguing that many of these things are important for our people, but their viability in the current environment needs to be considered very carefully.”
Key parts of the EMA’s 2020 Election Manifesto include:
– Immediate action on the replacement of the RMA
– Creation of a population/immigration strategy
– Benchmarks for Government spend and long-term outcomes
– Review of all legislation pushed through under COVID-19
– A four-year electoral term
– Do not implement the $1.10 minimum wage increase scheduled for April 2021
– No changes to employment legislation with the exception of:
o Fixing he complex and difficult to apply Holidays Act
o Reintroducing 90-day trials to accommodate redeployment