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Source: New Zealand Ministry of Health


The codes of practice included in this consultation were published under the Radiation Safety Act 2016 (the Act) with requirements for managing entities to use an external service that is either approved by the Director for Radiation Safety or maintains laboratory accreditation under ISO/IEC 17025, or internal capability validated by a qualified expert for individual dosimetry monitoring and leak testing.

The Act requires every person dealing with a radiation source to comply with the fundamental requirements set out in the Act including those who carry out any other activity or practice involving the radiation source.

To specify operational requirements for those who carry out activities or services as a third-party service provider associated with individual dosimetry monitoring and leak testing, the Director for Radiation Safety has adopted the ISO/IEC17025: General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories pursuant to Section 8.7 and 8.71 of the IAEA General Safety Guide No. GSG-7 for Occupational Radiation Protection.

This Guide sets out general considerations for a regulatory body when establishing its regulatory framework around management system for service providers.

In this consultation, ORS invites your feedback on the most appropriate approach to achieve reliability and uniformity of monitoring and testing outcomes.