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Source: CTU

The Council of Trade Unions is applauding today’s launch of the Labour Party’s industrial relations 2020 election policy by spokesperson Andrew Little.
“Working people in unions have been campaigning for better treatment at work. Labour’s industrial relations policy has the potential to achieve just that – significant improvements to peoples working lives,” CTU President Richard Wagstaff said.
“We are especially pleased that the union movements campaign to increase minimum sick leave has been heard. It’s great that the Labour Party are committing to increasing sick leave to 10 days per year within their first 100 days. Thousands of people signed our online petitioncalling for safer sick leave – and we are delighted that our campaign has won!”
“Labour’s continued support of Fair Pay Agreements is just what we need right now. Too many people are stuck in low wage industries, with no end in sight. The Fair Pay Agreements Working Group Report that recommended a way forward needs to be picked up urgently so we can get on with negotiating better pay and conditions across industries.”
We know huge sums are owing to working people because the Holidays Act has not been properly applied. The announcement by the Labour Party that they will pick up the working group report and make the Act easier to implement is an important step to putting this right.
“The experience of COVID has laid bare a some of the critical problems in our industrial relations framework; working people can’t afford to take sick leave and thousands of working people, especially many of those doing essential work, are trapped in precarious, low wage jobs. These policy announcements by the Labour Party today will help address these problems head on.”
“We are also pleased that the Labour Party has committed to raising the legal minimum wage to $20 per hour in 2021.”
“Ensuring more is done to keep New Zealanders safe at work must be a priority. It is great that Labour are committed to all workplaces have the right to elect health and safety representatives. We know that people doing the work are excellent in identifying health and safety issues. Having elected representatives makes workplaces safer.”
“To make sure these policies become reality, working people need to get out and vote. The CTU will be doing everything we can to ensure that people have their say in this election. Together we can have an Aotearoa which is a great place to live and a great place to work,” Wagstaff said.