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Source: NorthTec

A survey of employers released today shows that NorthTec’s vocational training prepares learners for the majority of New Zealand’s most in-demand jobs.

The survey, released by, lists the top 20 job types sought by employers during the Covid-19 economic recovery period.

NorthTec provides training and education which prepares graduates for 16 out of the 20, or 80 per cent, of the most sought-after worker sectors, including the top two jobs – nursing and administrative assistants.

The Seek website states: “As New Zealand focuses on its recovery from COVID-19, employers across key industries are experiencing a new demand for workers. The competition for talent in these areas may be about to get tougher.”

Other jobs featuring in the top 10 are developers and programmers; retail assistants; automotive trades; chefs and cooks; labourers; and business/systems analysts. NorthTec delivers vocational training in all these fields.

For jobs listed from 11 to 20 in terms of demand, NorthTec offers relevant training in the building trades; social services; civil engineering; machine operation; management; government and council roles and technicians
Acting Chief Executive, Jon Smith, said: “Our applied learning is based on practical, hands-on training with a strong vocational direction – meaning that our graduates are ready to go straight into work.

“We have two intakes each year to our popular nursing programme, with graduates usually snapped up for employment locally. Nurses are currently listed as the most-needed workers in New Zealand, so we see the demand for this programme continuing.

“Our business management, business administration and tourism courses get people ready for a range of jobs and sectors, teaching transferable skills including customer service, which are sought after by employers.

“We also offer several courses in hospitality, including cookery, and cover the construction trades as well as different types of engineering and technical sectors.

“During a time of unprecedented economic uncertainty, NorthTec is here to help Northlanders succeed, upskill and retrain for the local jobs market.”

A number of NorthTec study programmes are currently offered fees-free, and the first year of tertiary education is fees-free to many New Zealanders. For more information about NorthTec vocational training, visit