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Source: Auckland Council

Aucklanders can enjoy the beauty of the Karamatura Valley once more now remedial work has been completed on three tracks.

The upgraded tracks are the Karamatura Loop, Karamatura and Donald Mclean, representing nearly seven kilometres of trails.

“The Karamatura Valley is a special place, so it is really pleasing to reopen these walks,” says Stu Leighton, Auckland Council’s Senior Ranger Regional Parks Kauri Dieback Management.

The loop track allows walkers to get up close and personal with a kauri as they pass by on a boardwalk built to protect the tree’s root system.

The construction of the track posed a challenge for staff and contractors due to the steep gradient of the hillside, but its completion made it worthwhile as it provides the opportunity for that close connection with the majestic native.

“It’s a great reminder of what we are protecting,” says Stu. “We want to ensure these giants can be enjoyed for generations to come.”

Opening up the walks restores access to the Karamatura Falls, a real highlight in the valley.

The Karamatura track connects to the Donald Mclean track, allowing access to the Mt Donald Mclean lookout, representing a good day’s walk for the more adventurous and experienced walkers.

In addition to the track upgrades, a new toilet block has been built, a new cleaning station added, and the carpark has been improved with better drainage.

Stu reminds people that even with the upgrades, respecting the rules is still important.

“Please stay on the tracks that have been upgraded and re-opened, use the hygiene stations, and make sure your footwear is clean before heading out.”

Although the tracks have reopened, the Karamatura campground remains closed.